The Wonderful Kiwi Culture

Welcome to New Zealand, Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud, and home to a great deal of Kiwis. I know that the kiwi, whilst it is our national bird, is a flightless ground resident, but that states little about individuals who reside in this gorgeous nation. Maybe at this moment I must say that the kiwi actually is a lovely bird, and to see one in the wild, and even in captivity, is an amazing occasion.



Right so now I’m sidetracked by the kiwi. Where was I? Right, Kiwis, the occupants of New Zealand, also referred to as the youngest nation on the planet. We actually are an intriguing lot, and I say that in the best possible way, and to come to New Zealand is to not only enjoy the spectacular surroundings, but also to meet some very cool people.



We need to start with rugby, which was presented to New Zealand in May 1870. The very first game of rugby was played in Nelson and ever since rugby has actually been something that New Zealand has actually been rather proficient at, to say the least. For years Kiwis have actually been rugby mad, and it has actually been every young kid’s dream to mature and become an All Black one day. The All Blacks are a nationwide icon and if they lose a substantial game the entire nation will enter into grieving.

In your area, you can anticipate basically every town and city to have at least one rugby club, and most Saturdays, if you decrease to the local sports parks you will be dealt with to local rugby at its best; town versus town, province versus province and in some cases even bro versus sibling. I can speak from experience as I am presently the winger for a local 3rd department group which is genuinely a Kiwi thing to do. I remain in it just for fun, but for a great deal of residents rugby is lived and breathed and a win on Saturday is a must, as is the after match gathering filled with beverages and fight stories.


Maybe among the most identifiable features of rugby is the brief shorts that the players use. This piece of clothing is called a stubby and it has actually filtered into the dress code for Kiwis all over. It’s not unusual to see, even in the dead of winter season, a great ole Kiwi chap using a set of stubbies, apparently unconcerned to the cold. I cannot say that I always support this sign of Kiwi culture, but I have actually been known to put on a set even when I’m not playing rugby. Possibly it’s great for dealing with that leg tan, but your guess is as great as mine. It does feel quite releasing however.


Football Crazy

I think while we are talking around sports it would be reasonable to discuss another growing sport in New Zealand, which, whilst it ¬ hasn’t taken pleasure in the nationwide appeal of rugby yet, it is certainly growing in appeal. The sport is football (or soccer depending upon where you originate from) and the current success of the New Zealand All Whites and Wellington Phoenix truly has actually enhanced it in the country’s eyes. Induce the Football World Cup and the future of football in New Zealand. Football actually is a wonderful sport and for the more youthful generation is just as popular to use the weekend as is rugby, so do not be amazed to see a rugby match being played along with a football match when you check out that local sports park.


Kiwis are certainly not restricted to rugby and soccer, nevertheless. We master cruising, biking, endurance races, golf, basketball, kayaking, horse racing, growing, cricket and netball. These sports can be found all over New Zealand in some degree and this goes to show that Kiwis are not only rugby mad, but sports mad in general. Other sports that can be found are tennis, table tennis, bowls, boule, badminton, volley ball, squash, and sports, not to point out all the self defence schools around.